The Real Tragedy Of Newtown, Aurora, Virginia Tech. Tucson and Columbine

The continuing drumbeat of the political assault on the Second Amendment suggests a disturbing increase in the direction of government authority. It should make every free American citizen quake in his boots. The stated goals repeatedly parroted by Joe Biden and Dianne Feinstein to the media and the public almost on a daily basis are disingenuous and false.

In 1997, following several massacres in Australia like those at Newtown and Columbine, the government issued a ban on firearms. It systematically confiscated and destroyed guns and rifles in the hands of private citizen. Within a short time, robberies, assaults and homicides escalated against people made defenseless by government fiat. Those citizens who defended themselves against the intruders with knives and clubs found themselves arrested and jailed.

In the United Kingdom, a massacre in a school gymnasium in Dunblane in 1996 resulted in a kneejerk reactive gun ban. The firearms of the ordinary law-abiding citizenry were confiscated and an immediate increase in violent crime occurred. To date, there has been no decrease in violent crime and no reevaluation by the government of its mistaken policies in either country.

The most egregious and frightening example of the motive and outcome of banning firearms was in Weimar Germany. Hitler banned the private use of firearms then systematically slaughtered more than seven million helpless citizens.

David Kopel notes that it was the British ban of firearms and gunpowder in 1774on the colonies and their confiscation the following year that precipitated the American Revolution. General Gage arrogantly marched his troops into Boston discovered to his chagrin that the American colonists disagreed.

The Founding Fathers wisely understood the importance of guns in the hands of private citizens as their only means to defend themselves against tyranny. Their memories fresh with Britain’s attempt to usurp their sovereignty, the Founding Fathers drafted the Second Amendment was drafted as the guarantor of Liberty for all future generations of Americans.

Mental health has been an abysmal failure in identifying the potential mass murderer and educating the public about the nature and limits of psychiatric treatment. Freud clearly stated in his writings almost one hundred years ago that not everyone can be a patient and not everyone can be treated. That is as true in America today as it was in Vienna in the late 1800’s.

Psychiatrists need to relearn a needed skill set that will better enable their diagnostic antennae to distinguish between normal, neurotic, asocial and evil. They are vastly different. Danger should be as easily recognizable to the skilled clinician as it is to our animal cousins.

Organized mental health needs to explain to the public in PLAIN ENGLISH that psychotherapy does not fix people. It gives people tools, and sometimes tablets, to ease symptoms and to better understand themselves. No more, no less.

Moreover, the mental health establishment must separate its own private ambitions for power and more funds for research from its greater responsibility to the public. Professional organizations such as the American Psychiatric Association have the responsibility to alert the public that there is no treatment for the asocial psychopath who is consumed with anger and hates humanity.

Young men like Adam Lanza, Jared Loughner, James Holmes, Seng-Hui Cho, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold are savages that walk among the unsuspecting civilized populace. They need to be identified, apprehended and isolated. They are examples of normal human psychosocial development run amok for a myriad of reasons. It is naïve and dangerous to think any of them might have benefitted from rehabilitation and remediation. Their hearts and minds are immune to all human goodness, much less therapeutic insight.

What to do with the mass killers? Veterinary medicine offers one option. Vicious animals are routinely euthanized. The human equivalent is capital punishment. It should be used just as routinely without guilt or ambivalence. It may be the most humane treatment we can offer them.

The banning of firearms would be the height of insanity. As Wayne Lapierre succinctly put it, the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

America is perhaps the most decent nation in the world. We have, however, a unique history. As befits our Christian heritage, we are tolerant and slow to react. When we do, however, we have vanquished monarchs and tyrants.

Liberal politicians need to understand the defense of Liberty is in the American DNA. King George learned the hard way not to take away our guarantors of personal liberty. We’ve done it once. We can do it again!

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