Healthcare Policy Statement


The Lincoln Club of Orange County strongly opposes the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (also known as PPACA and more popularly asObamacare’) and believes it should be repealed. However, we understand that depends in large part on the outcome of the 2012 elections (specifically that of the Presidency and the Senate). Whether or not PPACA is repealed, the Lincoln Club believes that much can be done immediately to improve the current healthcare system using conservative principles of free markets and individual responsibility and empowerment. From expanding private insurance to making Medicare financially solvent, the Lincoln Club supports reforms to accomplish three goals:



  • · Encourage education in prevention and wellness for patients to be accountable for their own good health .
    • · Promote high-quality, evidence-based medicine, and efficient care.
    • Develop student loan financing programs, etc., to increase the number of physicians and other healthcare providers that are in short supply.
    • Ensure that licensed physicians take the lead in directing patient care.
    • Minimize regulations to those that are appropriate and specifically shown to improve quality.
    • Allow for the direct healthcare team to readily access secure patient data.


  • Give states Medicaid block grants so that they can create state-specific programs to lower premiums and expand coverage to the uninsured in their local communities.
  • Allow patients to contract for services directly with their physicians and healthcare providers as an alternative to filing a claim with third-party insurance companies.
  • Adopt harsher penalties for frivolous lawsuits such as “loser pay” rules and implement strong incentives to reduce lawsuit abuse.
  • Increase transparency through the posting of cash pricing for routine, non-emergency healthcare and medical services.
  • Expand the availability and scope of Health Savings Accounts.
  • Make healthcare coverage portable.
  • Allow individuals to purchase insurance across state lines so long as there is clear, full disclosure of the policies’ provisions.
  • Offer basic plan of benefits to which optional services such as pregnancy, chiropractic, etc., can be added.


  • Provide basic, non-emergency care for those who cannot afford private health insurance through publicly or privately run low-cost “community care clinics.” Incentives could be given to attract healthcare providers to keep costs low, such as providing loan financing or malpractice insurance support in exchange for service.
  • Offer seniors who are not eligible for Medicare a bridge/gap plan until they qualify.
  • Allow and incentivize small businesses or associations to pool resources to provide affordable private health insurance.
  • Allow individuals with pre-existing conditions to purchase more affordable private insurance plans and/or,
  • Expand on the benefits and availability of Major-Risk Medical Insurance Pools, which are currently available in most states for those who have been denied insurance based on pre-existing medical conditions.


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