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The Lincoln Club’s Political Action Committees have been at the forefront of some of this country’s most important political movements, from supporting Ronald Reagan’s first gubernatorial and presidential bids, to lending the initial support for the landmark initiative to limit property taxes (Proposition 13). Over nearly 50 years, the Club’s Political Action Committees and individual Club members have contributed millions of dollars to candidates for United States Senate, House, state constitutional offices, state legislature, and local races, and well as to local and statewide initiative campaigns. Below is a partial list of examples that demonstrate the impact that the Lincoln Club PACs and Club members have had at the national, state, and local levels.


  • Provided early support for the U.S. Senate and gubernatorial campaigns of Pete Wilson.
  • Constituted the nucleus of support for Ronald Reagan for governor in 1966 and for his presidential campaigns in 1976 and 1980.
  • Formed the finance committee for Richard Nixon’s presidential campaign in 1968.


  • Pioneered with Rep. Darrell Issa the campaign to recall Governor Gray Davis. In addition, the Lincoln Club was the only well-known state-wide organization to fund Rescue California, the effort to qualify the recall for the October, 2003 ballot.
  • Gave Arnold Schwarzenegger critical support in his run for Governor. The early endorsement – and the club’s widely-publicized call for the other candidates to withdraw from the race – gave evidence to the press that conservatives would support Mr. Schwarzenegger.
  • Provided significant seed money for “paycheck protection” initiatives, Proposition 226 and 75, to prohibit unions from withholding dues for political purposes.
  • Provided start-up funds for the history-making California term limits initiative.


  • Contributed significantly to support the election of Jeff Lalloway for Irvine City Council.
  • Ran highly-successful independent-expenditure campaigns for Curt Pringle, mayor of Anaheim, and John Moorlach, County Supervisor, 2nd District.
  • Registered 40,000 new Republican voters in Orange County, with a special emphasis on Latino areas in the county.
  • Educated hundreds of local elected officials about the ideals of limited government and the sanctity of property rights in special seminars in conjunction with leading conservative think tanks and organizations.
  • Played a critical role in defeating a sales tax increase which was placed on the ballot when county supervisors had driven Orange County into bankruptcy. The Lincoln Club opposed this attempt to stick taxpayers with the bill for the supervisors’ negligence.

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